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Aha Handcrafted Leather Earrings

Ah-hah, you've found us! And here they are...the earrings you'll never want to take off and everyone will want to borrow. The earrings that will elevate not only your style, but your energy as well. These are the earrings that will flow and move with you, without tugging or weighing you down. Leather earrings that are so versatile you can wear them with a white tee or a sexy black dress. Unique in every way; they are like nothing you've worn before, and your ears will thank you! (Yes, you're welcome ears.)


It all starts with our extraordinary leathers and craftsmanship

Our aesthetic is simple yet distinctive, bold yet soft. We combine luxury with natural earth elements, making you feel on trend without being ‘trendy’. Aha pieces aren't just an accessory, but an extension of who you are (and who you want to be.) Crafted with love, positive intentions and beachy vibes... trust us when we say you'll feel the good vibrations as soon as you put them on.

Inspired by the beach lifestyle, our Signature Shape © is modeled after the surfboard. Not only does it look slender and luxurious, it ebbs and flows gently as you move throughout your day, like coasting along a pacific wave. Likewise, our Teardrop earring shapes will add a statement to any outfit effortlessly, generating a retro vibe as chill as the Signature Shape. Precious metals and gemstones enhance our high quality leathers and vegan leathers to pack a fashion punch, while centering your state of being. There is an earring size, shape and style to compliment every woman and each piece is made as thoughtfully as the next. Looking good has never felt so good!

The Aha Crafted Signature Shape collections consist of the Classic & Cutout Linked and Gemstone variations. The Classic & Cutout earring styles are constructed from leather and our signature sterling silver or 14K gold-filled hooks. For the Linked versions we add chain which gives the earring something a little extra special, and for the Gemstone versions we add genuine energetic gemstones. The Aha Teardrop Leather Earrings are available in Classic & Cutout variations. To learn more about our styles check out the breakdown on our handy Style Guide.

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