Mustard Revolve Leather Earrings

Round Mustard Yellow Statement Earrings
Round Mustard Yellow Statement Earrings

Mustard Revolve Leather Earrings


Go for a pop of mustard yellow, the hottest color trend of 2018 with the Aha leather  teardrop statement earrings. Available in two sizes with your choice of sterling silver or 14K gold filled earring hooks

Hook Metal:
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Choose your size of 2" round or 2.5" round. (This measurement does not including the earring hook). 

Sundance is a mustard Italian saffiano leather. It has a fine criss cross pattern to the front with a smooth light yellow finish backing. 

Leather Type: Lightweight/Flexible.

Aha leather earrings are handcrafted in Southern California with genuine leather and precious metals. Sterling silver and 14K gold filled are both safe for people with sensitive skin. They will not peel or flake and can be polished back to look like new if they tarnish.