Introducing Aha Crafted Earring Cuffs!

We have some very exciting news here at Aha Crafted. We have just released a new earring unlike any other Aha Crafted Earring style: the ear cuff.

Cuffs are extremely versatile, just like all our uniquely crafted earring designs. They can be worn casually during the day, or can be dressed up at night. The truly distinct design of the open sided cuff also allows for virgin ears to wear, without having to be pierced! 

Of course the best part is...they're only $10! 

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A Whole New Look at Denim

Denim is a staple. You'd be hard pressed to find a person in the United States who doesn't at least own ONE pair of denim pants or shorts (or jackets). I do believe this thoroughbred material is a bit taken for grated in the unique ways in which we can style and dress it up. So behold my fashion forward look at denim and the jean on jean trend!

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White Leather, With Literally Anything

Whether you are heading out to brunch with your girlfriends or taking the kiddos to their Sunday softball game, include some white leather accessories to freshen up your Spring and Summer outfits! 


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Festival Season is Here, Get Ready With These Looks!

To commemorate one of my favorite places in Cali (and, let's face it, a darn good music festival) I am releasing a new earring: The Coachella Gemstone Earring. Just in time to make your last minute fashion preparations for a weekend of desert, tunes, and limitless fashion potential.

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Three Hats You Need to Own for Spring and Summer 2018!

Maybe you have the same sorta love/hate relationship with hats as I do. I love purchasing them and how they look on everyone else but me. And typically they end up collecting dust or looking like Im after a good chuckle. Well, I searched high and low and found three hats that are useful, functional and in my opinion will look flattering on anyone!

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Garden Party Time

Florals are back, baby! (Wait, did they ever leave?) Floral patterns come and go throughout the ever-changing eaves of fashion, but this year they are announcing themselves louder and prouder! Take a look with us at all the places floral patterns are popping up, clothes, furniture and of course our new leather earring design!

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Desert Chic: Meet Aha Crafted!

I am so thrilled to be releasing a completely new shape and design of Aha Crafted Earrings this month. Inspired by my love for the desert and all things shiny-and-fabulous. The new Ahas are sure to add fab to your wardrobe. Say hello to the Desert Gold Halo earrings!

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1990's Fashion Resurgence

There are definitely some pictures of me from the 1990s-early 2000s where I facepalm myself and think "Dear God, what were you thinking wearing that?" I plucked my eyebrows too thin, I gelled my hair when in a ponytail, and I used an obscene amount of blue eye shadow. I layered my clothes with wild neon patterns, on top of jean, on top of spandex leotards and leggings. It was, at least half of the time, a hot, hot mess.

Here's just a few of those fashions from the 90s that the world wasn't ready to retire.

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February Yummies: Crock Pot Recipe of the Month!

Get ready to salivate all over your computer keyboard! As February winds down our winter months (especially in LA, it's 78 we even have a winter??) you may be reluctant to put away that crockpot. To this I say: good! Don't do that. Keep that crock pot out, and get ready to make one of the most delicious meals you'll have all winter.

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Mid Winter AHA Update

Juggling the day to day of owning a small bizz is challenging to say the least. When Jamie and I started this little leather earring company four years ago I never could have guessed how many different hats we would be wearing each and ever day! Here is a quick look at whats new at Aha Crafted! 

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Attack of the Lilac

Winter may strike visions of ice blues, aspen whites, and candy cane reds for some. But as we move from January to February, the color of the moment is: LILAC. That icy, satin, light purple that is sweeping every clothing and home goods store at the moment.

It is EVERYWHERE you guys, and it is absolutely killing the game right now! 

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