Introducing Aha Crafted Earring Cuffs!

We have some very exciting news here at Aha Crafted. We have just released a new earring unlike any other Aha Crafted Earring style: the ear cuff. We have had a lot of throw back moments to different eras this year, and we’re bringing the 90’s back hard with the metal cuff. 

The most exciting part about our new design is that they can be worn with your signature Ahas. We are currently making the cuffs in two fabulous, unique designs:

The Aha Criss Cross Ear Cuff

Get your Criss Cross Cuff   here.

Get your Criss Cross Cuff here.

Crafted from solid sterling silver, the criss cross cuff can be worn with the cross to the front or the back which will give you a double bar look instead. Even better, it's adjustable so it is one size fits all! It is a statement piece that is so easy for anyone to wear! 

The Aha Studded Ear Cuff

Get your Studded Cuff  here .

Get your Studded Cuff here.

The Aha Studded Ear Cuff is crafted from solid sterling silver. It can be adjusted to be worn up high or down low on the cartilage. It is also one size fits all, and will give you the punk-rock glam look!

Cuffs are extremely versatile, just like all our uniquely crafted earring designs. They can be worn casually during the day, or can be dressed up at night. The truly distinct design of the open sided cuff also allows for virgin ears to wear, without having to be pierced! 

Of course the best part is...they're only $10! 

Try pairing these new Ahas with some of our tried and true favorites:

Get these Classic Silver Leather Earrings for $20.

Get these Classic Silver Leather Earrings for $20.

And in true 90’s fashion, don’t hesitate to pair these statement cuffs with a metallic choker necklace and some glittery gellies! #90sForever