Desert Chic: Meet Aha Crafted!

Desert Chic

I have been a desert chica this year. Between my trips to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs, I may as well be a permanent desert dweller. It's not just the warmth I love (thank you sunshine), its the fashion. I have fallen IN LOVE with desert chic. Similar to Boho Chic, but with a more specific edge. I love the rich browns, golds, and turquoise accents. Which is why the release of our new Aha Crafted earrings couldn't come at a more ideal time.

I am so thrilled to be releasing a completely new shape and design of Aha Crafted Earrings this month. Inspired by my love for the desert and all things shiny-and-fabulous. The new Ahas are sure to add fab to your wardrobe. Say hello to the Desert Gold Halo earrings!

Love em'? Get them  here. 

Love em'? Get them here. 


While these earrings are 100% desert chic appropriate, they are also a perfect adornment for any outfit, any occasion. The first color combo in this shape is our popular brown leather "Desert Daughter" and Metalic Gold, making it an easy-to-pair-with-anything accessory.  The combination is earthy and glamorous at the same time!

If you're looking to forge these Desert Gold Halos into a new boho chic inspired ensemble, try these looks! 

Desert Turquoise .jpg
Desert Gold
Desert Chic

You can never go wrong with brown leather and a gold accent. Learn more about our Desert Gold Halos here.