"French Beige" Teardrop Cutout Leather Earrings


"French Beige" Teardrop Cutout Leather Earrings

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In LOVE with "French Beige"! This leather earring will compliment so many of your brown shoes, belts and bags! Its also a great brown that'll pop through for those with both dark and light hair alike. Choose Stering Silver, 14K Gold Filled or 14K Rose Gold Filled earring hooks. Every woman needs this brown leather earring in her collection! 

The Cutout is available in size: Medium. See our size chart for questions.

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The "French Beige" leather earring line is handcrafted from a smooth fine bridle leather. The leather is smooth, matte and firm with the same color back as front. 

Leather Type: Lightweight/Firm

Genuine leather is an amazing material for statement earrings. It makes for a lightweight and comfortable accessory that you will forget you are wearing! Live light, Be light!

The semi-precious metals we use (Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Filled) are considered safe for people with sensitive skin. They won’t peel or flake and can both be polished if they tarnish. 

The Teardop Cutout is available in size: Medium. See our size chart for questions.