About Us

aha \ä-ˈhä\
discovery or sudden realization of something amazing

Aha Crafted was started as a collaboration between two creative professionals, Jamie Dandrea and Heidi Dametz.

Heidi Dametz worked in business development for the majority of her career, but always had a love for creating handmade jewelry. “I worked my way through college in the fine jewelry business, but my style in jewelry was more of the eclectic boho chic look.  Back then I started designing jewelry that complimented my style and to sell for extra cash. I loved adding sacred powerful gemstones in my designs to help people with elements they needed to strengthen or subside”. Over the last few years in the corporate setting she felt there was something missing in her career. “When I met Jamie, the artist and designer in him inspired me to start creating and designing again.”

As a NYC Parsons School of Design graduate, Jamie Dandrea’s career started in the graphic design field. He worked as a Senior Designer for several years in New York and then in San Francisco before branching off to start his own freelance company; Jamie Alan Design. Since then Jamie has worked as a designer in many fields, including fashion, photography, graphic design and product development.


The combined passion Jamie and Heidi have for art and design made for an easy transition into creating the Aha Crafted brand.


We began to focus on creating an accessory that was functional, comfortable and classic looking.  An earring that could compliment many different styles and trends. But most importantly, we wanted to create something that was different than anything we’d seen in the jewelry industry.

Once we came up with the idea of crafting earrings from leather and gemstones, we had to decide on a shape. As a bi-coastal couple we spend parts of the year on the beaches in Southern Cali and the other on the beaches of the Jersey Shore. We are surrounded by those in the surf community. One day while sitting on the beach we zoned in on the sleek look of a surfboard that had been standing in the sand. That day we looked at it separate than its purpose in the water and we had that Aha moment. This is it… this is the shape. It's noble, sleek, fun, flirty and flattering for anyone.

And so we got to work… creating and developing the rest of the business in that space where you have those moments of “Aha”, where elements, feelings, and visions come together and you know its right.

So find the ones that speak to you, wear them with a smile, feel their flow and enjoy them. 

Live light. Be Light.

Heidi & Jamie